Our Expertise

Technology Recruitment

No matter your stage of growth, we identify the right leaders for your organization. By carefully considering your strategic ambitions, stage in life cycle, and competitive positioning, our approach maximizes your odds of success.

What we offer

Navigate the complexity of technology recruitment with effective solutions

Discovering talent in an industry that is ever-changing can be elusive . Our clients have trusted us to skillfully navigate through technology’s rough waters. By crafting compelling value propositions, and rigorous effort, we attract impactful talent with game changing potential.

Unequaled access to the highest caliber executives

Build meaningful connections with notable thinkers and proven leaders around the world.

A custom approach for organizational growth

By developing bespoke solutions for our clients, we provide sustaining value in the war for talent.

International experience
and expertise

Our deep experience and global perspective enables our clients to adroitly negotiate an ever-changing commercial world. 



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We are specialists in recruiting executives and board members for the life sciences but serve a variety of other tech clients as well as venture capital.

Occam serves clients in the UK, US, Continental Europe, and Asia.

Occam focuses on executive search and board placement for the life sciences, technology, and venture capital industries.

Occam is differentiated by its extensive network, comprehensive search process, enduring commitment to ethics, personal approach, and creativity.

Occam provides global executive recruiting, board placement and leadership advisory services.