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Elevate your biotech venture with leadership that transforms. Our expertise in biotech executive search positions us uniquely to connect you with leaders who can envision and drive future innovations.
With our comprehensive search services, we ensure that each leadership placement is not only a fit for your current needs but also a catalyst for long-term growth and success in the biotech industry.

What we offer

Explore innovative biotech executive search solutions with Occam. Our services include:

C-Suite Searches

CEO, CFO, COO, and more, tailored to drive strategic vision and operational excellence. Our approach is to identify experienced leaders with exceptional foresight to navigate future challenges and opportunities in the biotech sector.

Scientixfic Leadership

We focus on finding individuals who are at the forefront of scientific discovery. From Chief Scientific Officers to Research & Development heads, we ensure they can transform research insights into actionable, market-leading strategies.

Commercial Roles

Whether you seek Chief Marketing Officers or Sales Directors to maximize product reach and market impact, our candidates are selected for their proven ability to build and lead teams that effectively communicate the value of complex biotech products to global markets.

Regulatory and Compliance Leaders

We prioritize candidates who understand the current regulatory environment and are adept at anticipating and adapting to future changes in global compliance standards.

Custom Searches

Do you have unique roles that defy traditional categorization but are crucial for your organization's success? Our bespoke search service is designed to understand your needs and find the perfect match, no matter how niche or specialized the role may be.

Benefits of Life Sciences Executive Search

Discover the transformative impact of specialized executive search in propelling your life sciences venture.

Global Talent Pool

Access the world's most innovative minds.

We connect you with a global talent pool, ensuring your organization benefits from diverse perspectives. This access to world-class expertise drives innovation and success.

Strategic Alignment

Leadership that resonates with your vision.

Our process ensures leaders align with your mission and culture. This fosters a unified direction and enhances team cohesion towards shared objectives.


Your trust, our utmost priority

We maintain the highest standards of discretion, protecting sensitive information. This safeguards your strategic interests throughout the search process.

Risk Mitigation

Secure your investment in leadership.

We thoroughly vet hires using comprehensive assessment to reduce the risk of costly hiring mistakes.

Reduced Time-to-Hire

Swiftly Securing Top Talent

Our process is designed for efficiency, ensuring rapid placement of high-caliber leaders in critical roles. With our expertise, your organization can swiftly move forward with strategic growth while we handle the complexities of executive search.

Success Stories | Charm Therapeutics

Occam Global's collaboration with Charm Therapeutics demonstrates our prowess in executive search, particularly in the challenging biotech sector. 

Tasked with assisting Charm's founder, Laksh Aithani, in recruiting a Chairman, Occam identified Gary Glick as the ideal candidate.

Glick, a seasoned chemist and serial biotech entrepreneur, brought both substance and renowned expertise to Charm, significantly enhancing its appeal to potential investors. His leadership was instrumental in securing a $50M Series A funding round from prestigious investors like F-Prime and OrbiMed. 

This strategic placement not only provided mentorship to a first-time CEO but also elevated Charm's standing in the biotech community, showcasing Occam's ability to deliver transformative leadership solutions that drive substantial growth and investment.

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Discover our most frequently asked questions

Our deep industry knowledge, global network, and personalized approach set us apart, ensuring we find the right leader for your organization.

While timelines can vary based on the role's complexity and market conditions, our efficient process aims to present initial candidates within weeks, not months.

We use a detailed discovery process to understand your company's culture and values. This enables us to identify and present candidates who both meet the technical qualifications and can align with your organizational ethos.

Yes, we stand behind our placements with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring peace of mind and alignment with your objectives.

Absolutely. Our global network allows us to conduct searches worldwide. No matter the country or regional requirement, we can provide you with the best talent.

We partner with biotech companies at all stages of growth, from startups to established industry leaders, across all biotech sectors.

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