Occam Places Kevin Webster as CSO at Frontier Medicines

Occam Places Kevin Webster as CSO at Frontier Medicines

Frontier Medicines, a Deerfield, Droia and MPM investment, is using its chemoproteomics platform to look for new corners—or pockets to which drugs can bind—on strings, or previously inaccessible proteins. These binding pockets appear temporarily when proteins, which are long chains of amino acids, move and take different shapes.  

In June of 2019, Occam placed Kevin Webster as the company's first CSO. Webster possesses deep expertise in drug discovery and clinical development linked with a passion for bringing novel medicines to patients. Prior to joining Frontier Medicines, Kevin was SVP of Cancer Biology at eFFECTOR Therapeutics, where he pioneered the discovery and development of a new class of oncology drugs known as selective translation regulators advancing multiple novel targets into clinical development. Prior to eFFECTOR, Kevin was Vice President of Oncology Research at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, where he built and led the oncology discovery organization. As a member of the global oncology leadership team, he developed the science strategy for oncology and progressed over a dozen programs into preclinical and clinical development with multiple programs achieving clinical proof of concept and one resulting in a marketed drug. During his tenure with AstraZeneca he was accountable for building a new drug discovery organization in the US, as well as spearheading the creation of novel partnerships with academia and biotech organizations. Before AstraZeneca, Kevin served as a member of the oncology drug discovery leadership team at Bristol Myers Squibb where he led the cell cycle and apoptosis research areas and delivered multiple discovery research projects from inception through early clinical development.

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