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INSITRO Case study

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insitro is a privately held company funded by ARCH and Google Ventures, among others. insitro intends to leverage machine learning and high throughput biology to transform the way medicines are created to help patients in need.  The company was founded by Daphne Koller, a world-renowned AI/ML researcher and serial entrepreneur.


insitro needed to build a well-balanced, richly complimentary executive team reflecting the integration of computer science and drug discovery, the two foundational pillars in the facade of this radically innovative enterprise. 


Our first assignment for Daphne was to recruit an executive expert in data science and machine learning who also had an eye toward drug discovery. This key hire would help distance Daphne from her core expertise and thus liberate her to execute the CEO's task of orchestrating the commercial and scientific disciplines and fluidly functioning as the public face of insitro.  

We recruited Theofanis Karaletsos, a broadly educated individual with a deep expertise in AI/ML but also possessing true sympathy and engagement with drug discovery.  We subsequently assisted in other hires, including Jevan Soo Lenox as Chief People Officer, Martha Rook as Chief Technical Operations Officer, Phil Tagari as Chief Scientific Officer, and Ellen Berg as Vice President of Biomarker Sciences.

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