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CHEMIFY Case study

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Chemify is a Scotland based startup leveraging an innovative platform combining sophisticated robotics, software and data science.  Its mission is the comprehensive digitization of the known and imagined universe of chemicals as the basis for their sophisticated refinement, distribution, and manufacturing. 


Recruit an operating complement to transmute Cronin's vision into commercial reality.  Because of the platform's myriad possibilities, executional rigor needed to be paired with strategic imagination, divergent qualities rarely present simultaneously in one executive.  Compounding the difficulty was the fact that this person needed to live in Glasgow.  The search was international in scope but the solution likely would come from the US. 


Chemify was still a seed-stage company in late 2022 when Occam recruited Daniel Delubac as COO/CTO - a technologist well-versed in integrating diverse disciplines into the service of developing better therapeutics (Xilis) and diagnostics (Freenome).  As that rare breed of executive possessing entrepreneurial nerve, operational chops, and commercial savvy, he was able to seize upon Chemify’s complex platform and position it for entry into the market.  Finally, he moved from Silicon Valley to Glasgow. 
Delubac completed Lee Cronin as CEO and served as a catalytic force in his own right.  Shortly after Daniel’s placement, Chemify closed its substantial A round. 

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