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Occam Places Emily Conley as CEO of FederationBio

Emily Conley joins Federation Bio from 23andMe, where, as employee 30, she was instrumental in driving the strategic evolution of the company from a fee-for-service play into a drug development organization.

Over her ten years there, Conley struck multiple strategic partnerships, including one with GSK, that not only brought in $300M in up-front investment but also allowed for 23andMe to share 50/50 in the upside of any drugs yielded from their validated targets. The first program will be in the clinic this year. Emily has also pursued additional verticals including the launch of a business for clinical trial recruitment. Over time, her role expanded beyond business development. Emily had a broad external facing mandate and has been instrumental in helping the company raise in aggregate over $500M.

Emily Conley blends scientific sophistication with strategic vision and operational discipline. And though she has spent her entire industry career at 23andMe, she has taken the company in new directions and evolved the business model to leverage genetic data in myriad and clever ways. Her success was informed by imagination, daring and nerve. Emily also exhibits self-awareness and a high degree of emotional intelligence, qualities that lend themselves to the task of general management.

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