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ChroMACODE Case study

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ChromaCode is a molecular diagnostics innovator with a bioinformatics focus and pedigree from founders associated with Illumina, Google[x], Luminex, and CalTech.  The company leveraged patented mathematical and algorithmic enhancements to enrich signal processing from the most popular life science instrumentation.  The company’s history included a pivot to the COVID-19 epidemic and thus opportunistically generated $50M in revenue.  Once the epidemic subsided, ChromaCode repivoted to exploit its oncology diagnostic origins.  


Occam was engaged to replace a CEO who executed well in the COVID-19 opportunity.  The charter was to find a diagnostic pro to exploit the company’s competitive advantage in the oncology market.  


Occam decisively penetrated this highly competitive segment of the executive labor market and found numerous candidates with both market knowledge and financing charisma.  In a competitive process, Occam landed Mark McDonough who brought the requisite skills, experience, and connections.  ChromaCode is now well on its way to introducing its lead product and lining up additional financing. 

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